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Our principal objective is to enhance our clients' strategic position in whichever field of law they are seeking information and/or advice. We achieve this through the provision of commercially-astute and targeted legal solutions focusing exclusively on optimizing our clients' competitiveness.

We always strive to deliver accurate, thoughtful and informed legal, property, business and accounting services that meet and/or exceed the requirements and expectations of our clients. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality on each engagement through consistent commitment to:


  • a holistic understanding of our client and their specific needs, and

  • focusing on practicalcommercial and affordable solutions available, and

  • ensuring that, even though we represent one party, all parties are given opportunity to succeed, and

  • reflecting on efficiency and continuous improvement after each and every engagement, and

  • delivering the highest standards of work each and every time.

Read more about the core people behind Samui Law Firm and it's operating philosophy below. 

See some of our team members below as the people they really are 'out of office', not in uniform :)

Pariya Srinaen
  • Attorney-at-Law (Lawyer)

  • Thai Barrister

  • Notary Public

  • Certified Translator

Pariya (Mam) is an ethical and experienced lawyer (attorney-at-law) with a client focused mindset. Pariya enjoys helping others achieve their goals and derives ultimate satisfaction from the success of our clients.

Calem Brooks
  • Business Manager

  • CMS Developer

  • ​Foreign Client Manager​

  • Business Adviser

Calem (Cal) has enjoyed many years in client side management at a variety of levels. Calem strives for customer satisfaction through the delivery of comprehensive solutions and providing a market edge to our growing client base. 

Kitti Simsarn
  • Bookkeeping

  • Monthly Accounting 

  • End of Year Balance Sheet

  • ​Auditor Submission

Kitti (Big C) has grown into this role very well after changing industries around 2 years ago. His mentor (head accountant) has developed his core skill-set to ensure success in his role and for us and our clients.

Prawit Suma
  • CMS Management

  • Thai Client Liaison

  • Workflow Manager

  • Process Control

Prawit (Writ) crucially, has an understanding of system, process control and continuous improvement in a culture that typically does not prioritize such attributes in small/medium businesses. His ability to think ahead is pivotal to our continued growth. 

Pattraporn Dangart
  • Visa Documents

  • Administration Support

  • Accounting Support

  • Filing & Archive

Pattraporn (Diana) has enjoyed a fast rise for her junior status after finishing university just 3 years ago. Pattraporn learns very quickly and adapts to new situations with ease. Her abilities should ensure that she plays a key role in our future business.

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